A little about me

I consider life to be a journey of discovery. I have been and continue to search for true connectivity with the world of which I am a part, as well as that which underlies and forms the back drop of this universe.   My perspectives about such things initially were most certainly, but by no means exclusively, informed and shaped by the Christian religious faith in which I was raised and in which I have been participatory for much of my adult life.   At this place in my journey I am probably best described as an agnostic, meaning that I do not believe that there is a personal ultimate being out there somewhere, but this blog goes back to a time when I had Christian faith, so it is probably a good reflection of my journey…at least the portions I was willing to speak about.  I am decidedly not an atheist, because there appears to me to be something larger than ourselves, something that connects us all together, interdependent, causes and conditions…something.  Yet even with my  “unknowing,” I am very spiritual.  I have an appreciation for most religious traditions to a point, but also a strong sense of trepidation with the same, especially the Christian tradition.


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