“Lights Out!”

I am  just beginning to read the book by Ted Kopel, entitled “Lights Out.”  Mind you I have not read too far into this treatise yet, but one thing stuck out to me.  He stated that were a cyber attack on our power grid, that it would “tumble us back into something approximating the mid 19th century.”

Honestly I have to admit that I have been a person that for many years has felt that the possibility of something cataclysmic which would threaten our way of life was inherently possible.  I don’t want to sound like some whacky militia freak, but if his assessment is anywhere near accurate, then we should prepare for life in the mid 19th century.  Meaning that we should think about what that means for lighting, cooking, warmth and sanitation, as well as protection.  As I read this book, I plan to prepare myself and my family to be ready to accept a contingency where life pops back into the mid 1800’s for a little while.  Any other reading of this book would be fruitless.

Not trying to be a crazy here, just a thoughtful and prepared citizen.


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