Thoughts for today

First of all, with all the holidays approaching, it appears that everyone takes on religious affections, statements etc.  I find it ironic that expressions of faith spike at Christmas and Easter, but wane the rest of the year..  As an agnostic (but former Christian participant), I do not find this cheerful, but rather see it as a cultural facade that is more irritating than pleasant.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate compassion expressed any time of the year, I appreciate generosity, I even appreciate faith (although I no longer share it), but while the goodness done during this time of the year is…good, it seems contrived by the season.

My second thought is regarding politics.  While in my state of residence (especially) the word “liberal” or “socialist” is a profanity, I find it interesting that our frontrunner  in the republican presidential race expresses “fascist” answers to the problems facing us.  Let’s force the registration of all muslims.   Let’s deny muslims entry into  our country.  Let’s shut down specific areas of the internet to avoid the wrong messages, particularly those disseminated by ISIS.

So Trump’s answers to problems are to isolate, to create a group in America (muslims and then probably Mexicans) that are targeted by forced government registration (apparently not learning anything from Jewish prosecution in Germany and our registering and internment of Japanese citizens during WWII), then let’s limit “shut down sections of the internet.”  All this sounds pretty heavy handed to me.  Couple this with his statements of bombing and taking over Iraqi oil fields and you have a concerning candidacy in Mr. Trump.  Add in that most of his supporters are uneducated and that the same are “fed up” with how government has been run in this country and you have a potential formula for disaster like 1940 Germany experienced.

Let’s hope the majority of the vote in 2016 doesn’t follow this heavy handed, scary candidate.