The real challenge of trying to be spiritual

I know that I recently wrote about my desire to recapture my daily practice of meditation.   Interestingly enough, it is challenging to find space and, even more challenging, to find a reservoir of discipline to actually follow through on meditating daily among the rest of life.

It is one thing to resonate with a particular perspective of the world, of what’s larger than my world and what all that means and requires of me.  As many of you who may read my blog know, I grew up in a christian tradition and after some departures from that path when I was young, I returned and actually applied myself to it, academically, theoretically and existentially. But as I pressed into that reality, having accepted it as Truth, I kept bumping up against Inconsistencies regarding the concreteness and veracity of the systematic belief inherent in the Christian tradition.

I tried different Christian traditions to find something concrete.  I found only more questions and doubts, rather than the answers or bedrock of truth that I so desired.

I began to look outside the christian tradition and found some logic in the buddhist tradition.  While I think their evaluation of reality is more inline with the actual reality of things, adhering to the rigors of buddhist contemplation is equally as challenging as the predecessor of worldviews in the Christian tradition.

I appreciate looking beyond one’s self to try and understand my place in the universe, but I am not the disciplined monkish typed person who excels in either tradition.  I am a normal guy looking for something to hang my hat on.

More on that later…I have to sleep I’ve worked all night and I can hardly finish the sentences that are rolling around in my head.

Stay tuned for further thought on this topic.


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