It has been over a year since I last wrote on this blog.  I finished my bachelors in respiratory care and have been busy working nights as well as being a dad and husband.  I haven’t even thought about this blog, but having just come across a bit of information that stimulated this memory, I think that I may take another stab at blogging.

I thought about just starting a new blog, but I kind of like the idea of continuing where I left off, because this blog with its many articles paints a picture of my journey, of my belief which stimulated doubt, causing me to  wrestle with theology, dogma and the idea of God.  That led to a change which necessitated a change in career and the beginnings of being open and honest with my unbelief.  That is where I again take up writing about my thoughts, about books that I am reading, about what I encounter and how I understand the significance of all these stimuli.

Stay tuned for more.


One thought on “Restarting

  1. Looking forward to reading the history of your blog. To be friends doesn’t mean that people need to hold the same fundamental ideals, but does require mutual respect of individual philosophies. No preaching to the choir, where is the fun in that!

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