Happy with Our President

I didn’t blog earlier this month when President Obama was elected to a second term, but I have to say that it was a tense wait to see what would happen in this presidential election. The media made it sound so very close, probably to keep us coming back for the newest poles and information. In the end, the American people were wiser and more discerning that it sounded like.

I read all kinds of commentary in the media from GOP folks talking about why they lost so decidely. Maybe they are not willing to listen, maybe the issues that they hold so dear (like abortion, gay marriage and immigration) are passing from our front burner as a society and we are turning our focus to larger issues like global warming, ending the wars we’ve been fighting for too long, and how to get along together, responding in compassion instead of anger.

It would be great if the extreme right of the GOP would lose the influence that they have held over the last decade, leaving moderate folks in leadership who are willing to at least re-think their response to some of the pertinent issues of our day. I am hopeful that we will continue forward movement for the next four years, and I am satisfied with for now.