Life and Death

In our world today there has been a lot of things occurring in the news that point at death. In Idaho a death row inmate was recently put to death. Christopher Hitchens and Henry Morgan, among other this year have died. People have been massacred in Syria and other places around the globe. Angry and deranged people have killed so many innocent people in Belgium, the U.S. and in Norway. We are confronted with death every day, thanks to the web and television.

This is one of the only things that we all will share with every other living being. Past, present and future, we all face death. I have been thinking about this because the only people who seem to have “answers” about death are the religious folk. But I am not contented with their answers. “If I believe in this” or “if I believe in that,” then my “eternity” is going to be good. If I don’t, it will be not so good, or even pure torture.

I have been thinking about the universality of death and the supposed universality of God. Why would God, to whom the creation of everything is attributed, Broad in his creativity…why would this God be so narrow when it relates to the death of things? We breath without being taught, our bodies work without lessons because of their magnificent structure. Why does our “eternity” depend upon various conceptual ideas? How could any human have certain knowledge about what comes next? We have or will all pass into something, or into nothing. Put broadly, those are the two possibilities. In each of the religious views, though there is some good advice. Live well now. Love now. Be kind now. Value what you have now. Give from what you have to others. I suppose that if we take these pieces of advice to heart, then what comes next, if anything, will work itself out.

These are my thoughts.

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