Meditation is not easy

Over the last few weeks I have resumed practicing (as best I understand it) meditation.  I have some books to help me and I have listened to some teachings about it.  Some might think it an easy practice to develop, but it is not easy to clear and focus your mind.  My mind has a restlessness that I never noticed until I began this practice.  However, I believe it will be a practice that will greatly benefit me; I should be present in my body, aware of my body and able to focus my mind.  I can understand why some have told me to expect it to take years and years to gain such control.  For now I plan on continuing and hopefully gaining more control as I regularly stop and practice mindfulness.

One thing I appreciate about meditation is that it is not merely a mental activity but one that is rooted in our body and present in the moment.  So much of my days are about what I just finished or what I am preparing to do.  It is a refreshing change to be present, to be aware of myself, my body, my feelings and my thoughts.  I try to do this at least 2 – 3 times a week, wishing that I could find more time.


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