7 Billion People

I don’t know what your view is of our new population but the number 7,000,000,000 is really really big and when we are talking about the number of human beings on the planet, that number becomes scary to me. Most of us don’t think about the fact that, maybe, just maybe our planet doesn’t have the ability to sustain many more human beings. In just 84 years the worlds population has exponentially grown from 2 billion on the planet to 7 billion. That’s incredible growth and it just isn’t sustainable. We need to find a way to reduce the population or, quite possibly, our presence in number as well as our us and abuse of the limited resources of this planet will do for us what we have not been able to do ourselves. Global warming by itself, of we don’t change our ways, is going to facilitate some of that for us.

7 billion…I don’t see that there is anything to celebrate in that.