The Palestinians should have their own State! Get out of the Way U.S.!

I have been reading all about all the discussions in the United Nations, where the Palestinian people are requesting to be received as member states.  I think after 20 years of failed process and an Israeli state that ignores and oppresses these people, that something has got to give: it might as well be this.  I am disgusted with my own nation who are buddy buddy with Israel and allowing themselves to support what benefits that friendship but not what is right.  In truth I am getting pretty sick of US controlling politics.  Why the hell do we know what is best or good for another country?  We don’t.  We take the view that we are so great and that we can help others achieve the same, when we aren’t.  In many ways we are in decline around the world…just like other powers in history, our prominence will head south too.  We aren’t all that!

Obama Administration…get out of the way of movement here and force Israel to deal with the people we help them suppress.  Our support of Israel at any cost joins us as culpable with all the oppressive wrongs they inflict upon the Palestinian people.

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