The Trauma of a tooth

My daughter’s first tooth was loose a month ago. It has loosened up to the point that it was barely in her mouth, held in place, barely, by a couple of connective tissues. More recently, her gums under the tooth became inflamed and we began to worry about the possibility of developing an infection.

This only reinforced the need for this tooth to exit her mouth. The dentist had said it needed to come out in the next 2-3 weeks; that was 3 weeks ago. I didn’t want to, nor did we have the extra cash hanging around to pay a dentist to remove a tooth that I could take out with my fingers. One would think that my daughter would trust and believe her daddy and mommy, that this would be painless and quick. But that expectation proved to be severely wrong. After days of trying to talk her into it, I finally just pulled down her lip and pulled the tooth forward with my finger. The tooth moved without any pain to just barely attached with one connective tissue, at which point our daughter finally grabbed it and plucked if from her mouth.

After all the trauma, she began dancing around the room saying “its out, its out! I never knew there could be so much trauma involved in one sliver of a tooth. My son was a difficult one with getting to the point he would let me take out teeth, but my daughter took this to an all new level. I can’t wait for the next tooth.

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