What a mess our advancement has created!

Archeologists dig and find remnants of past civilizations all over the planet. This consists of pottery, tools and discards of various types, as well as evidence of structural creations. All this give us a small window into the lives of our ancient ancestors, generating fascinating data and understanding. There is still, even in this human residue a sense of our living and existing much closer and connected to the earth we call home.

Unfortunately, the advancement of our species has not been so favorable or manageable in our more recent development. All our technological discoveries, while they have made life more comfortable and provided for a significant population boom, have wreaked a filthy devastation upon this planet in unimaginable ways. The shear amount of trash (much of it toxic and not in anyway bio-degradable) that we dump into our landfills every day is astounding, the toxic and radioactive waste produced, which sits in barrels all over the planet, and the chemicals we have dumped into our ecosystems (both on land and at sea) is enough to make Walle cry and give up.

This morning I read an article that surmised that the amount of debris in orbit around our planet (trash and discards from space adventures and satellites, which are again products of our “advancement and enlightenment” float around our planet at over 17,000 mph. Follow this link to read the article if you like.

If we are so advanced and so enlightened, why the hell are we so ignorant and out of harmony with the world on which we live? Generation after generation has chosen to make decisions that “benefit” humanity (oh and make a good buck, aka: corporations the occult evil that lurks among us) but are destroying the future of our species by the very choices they make, because they are destroying our planet and in the process eradicating the habitat of hundreds of species. I find nothing about how we now exist to be truly “enlightened” and it seems the best thing that could happen to this planet would be a catastrophic event that reduced our numbers greatly and somehow plunged us into a less technological existence. I know I am supposed to choose humanity over the planet, or at least that seems to be the culturally driven approach, but I really don’t. Something has got to give, and so much has got to change. In the movie “The Matrix,” the guys in black suits are interrogating Orphius (I think that was his name) and they liken humanity to a virus that doesn’t live in harmony but changes its host to be like itself. I fear their indictment is accurate. Something has got to change, if we don’t change it, the only other options is that something we can avoid will change it for us.

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