The New “True Grit” Movie

I watched the new True Grit movie last night starring Matt Daman and Jeff Bridges.  My desire to watch this movie is due to the fact that I am an ardent John Wayne fan from my youth, owning many of his movies.  So I approached this movie with some skepticism, dubious to whether there could actually be improvement made to such a classic John Wayne movie.  John Wayne seemed to personify Rooster Cogburn, which made his portrayal of his Character all the more rich.  When I first heard that the movie was being remade and that Jeff Bridges would play the part of Rooster, I commented that if anyone could inhabit this character today like John Wayne did in the past, it would be Jeff Bridges.

I am here to tell you that my first comments were right on and that my skepticism was misplaced.  I loved the new version of True Grit!  In fact I think that this version of the movie is better in many ways than its predecessor.  While it is the same story essentially, they brought an earthy resonance to it which the earlier one did not have.  It was more believable than the first.  I think Matt Daman made a more convincing and realistic Texas Ranger than did Glenn Campbell and Jeff’s job playing Rooster was excellent.  I appreciated the way that they spoke and interacted, which was different from the first in a way that I am not sure I know how to express, but my perception is that it was more authentic.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone.  If  you love western movies, you’ll love this movie.

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