End of the World…Sunday will be embarrassing

I have gotten used to seeing fringe Christians groups say, do and believe some crazy stuff. This one is really sad to me, why can’t people appreciate the world, appreciate life? Why do Christians want to leave the planet so badly? I realize that “Christians” can hardly be classified by this minority group, but regardless of when you believe this “rapture” is going to come, there are so many Christians just waiting for the end of the world to come and their shuttle ride to heavenly places. I, too, used to be among them but, for the life of me, can’t remember what was so compelling about this idea.

Check out this link to one article about a specific family End of the World family in the news. So what are the kids going to think of mom, dad and religion on Sunday morning?

One thing has become a road block to believing in much of the Christian doctrine, it is so other worldly. I have come to see that I can’t really know with any certainty about absolutes of a metaphysical nature or supernatural realities. But if there is a God, I would think that he wouldn’t make the “necessary beliefs” so out of sync with the world that he made. Or maybe it isn’t about “right belief” to begin with, maybe the point of Christian teaching is living better now, enjoying and appreciating life now. I can’t know about all the “other worldly things, or “heavenly supernatural things,” but I can see how this world is structured and whatever God might be, I think that structure probably tells me more about God than the out of the world stuff I grew up with and believed for a long time.

I will be curious to see what excuse will be made up for Jesus standing these people up tomorrow? It will be interesting to be sure.

Well, its Sunday morning and everything is going just fine, no rapture, no one left-behind. Funny, these folks had so much press on Thursday and Friday, why is there no followup interviews?

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