The eternality of words

Ever have one of those days where you speak out of anger, frustration or some other motivating emotion, only to wish you had kept your mouth shut? Words are an irreversible. Kind of like a bullet, once they fire off, the damage can not be reversed. Scary little things they are and sharp too. We bat them about on a daily basis without one thought to their trajectory. Most of the time that is just fine, sometimes they are life giving, clarifying or hopeful. All those instances come and go, without us giving them a second thought. Ah, but the contrary times, the times when our darker sides prevail and our more basal emotive storms swell and breach the levies of our reasonable selves. These are the times when the path and half life of our speech are realized. Unfortunately that realization is all too tardy and is powerless to undo what has been done; while one can seek and receive forgiveness, such absolution does not change what has been said. Words even live longer than the ones who speak them. How many of us remember quotes from people who have long passed.

All of this reminds me, once again, to be careful about what I say, how I speak.

One thought on “The eternality of words

  1. …return what you’ve been given,
    for when it’s taken from you
    by that old thief, death, it’ll be gone.

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