Maybe there is something to Christmas presents

As my family and I celebrated Christmas, we heard the normal message through church that presents aren’t what Christmas is about. While I understand and even subscribe to that sentiment, I have had some additional thoughts regarding this. First, the baby in the manger is certainly a gift to humanity, as the narrative suggests that the arrival of the Christ child is God’s gift of love to humanity: the perfect gift. What that suggests is that God knew us, knows us and based upon that knowing gives the perfect gift.

This year, I was the one preaching on Sunday December 26. I asked folks what characteristics or values of Christmas they would like to see last all year long. One of the answers at both services was “relationships” and “time with family.” As I and my family gave each other gifts, I noticed something that connected to all this. I noticed that of the gifts that were given, the ones that were the most meaningful weren’t meaningful because they were cool, or that it was valuable stuff, but the gifts that really meant a lot were the ones that were indicative of the giver knowing the recipient well. Those gifts connected, they enriched and touched the recipient and gave the giver great joy.

The gift given from relational knowledge is a gift given from the heart and is like the story of the first Christmas…

Just a thought.
Merry Christmas