A poetic musing on perception


from where I am, I perceive

from my perceptions, I conclude

from these conclusions, I understand

from what I’ve understood, I encounter

through encounter, I believe.

Yet this that I perceive:

Is not me

Existed before my seeing

Is More than my conclusions

Greater than what I understand

Deeper than my encounter

And exceeds what I believe.

What I perceive is, in itself,


By Kelley Mata ©

While this poem may not be very intricate, the idea that our perceptions are limited is one that we need to engender in our communities, our faith communities, our families…in ourselves.   Just the honest realization: that an “other” might be looking for much the same thing in life that I am but in a different way…that they are not my enemy but a fellow traveller.  These ideas could radically change our polarized culture, our argumentative “my way or the highway” and often violent response to difference and to otherness.  This remains my wish, that we could see value in each other, in each others perspectives and in humanity broadly.

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