Arizona’s Pathetic Law on illegal immigration

Proponents can spend the next two months taking about how this law will not lead to profiling Hispanics. I don’t buy it. It will. Now we have many many law enforcement professionals protesting this law. It is going to destroy trust, wrongly target people who already have less than fair treatment from law enforcement and is another example of how our country has been moved toward the right politically by means of fear.

This law is wrong and bad!

2 thoughts on “Arizona’s Pathetic Law on illegal immigration

  1. Racial profiling = Common sense.
    I don’t see a bunch of Swedes crossing our southern border illegally so no sense in asking for ID’s from every pale faced blond the cops see…no the problem is illegal entry from Mexicans.
    Have you ever been to another country? I’ve been asked for my ID in other countries and I’ve never had an issue with it.
    The law is almost a complete copy of the current Federal law that is not being enforced. I hope all the states take up these laws because people like you do not seem to understand the consequences of illegal aliens.

  2. Not talking about swedes, but all the US citizens who will endure more racially generated harassment than they already do. I have been to many other nations and excepting once in Germany, I was only check on the way in. I find my identity not in my citizenship but in my humanity, which mediates any nationalistic ideas. I certainly don’t want to live in the right swinging idea of america (lower case on purpose).

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