Over the top reaction

I continue to be amazed at the response of people to the health care reform that passed into law with the President’s signature on Tuesday. Lawsuits by states and even cowardly violence have been happening by a few unstable people. Even Sarah Palin, the “Christian values candidate” is putting up inflammatory posts on her facebook site. She actually posted a map of the US and there are cross-hairs, yes gun sites, on specific states where congressmen and women voted for this law and were districts that went to McCain-Palin in the previous election. She is using gun imagery to encourage people to aim at taking back these districts. The imagery is over the top, incendiary and unnecessary. And She wants to be president?

A “tea-party” group posted an address that was supposed to be the address of a congressman on the web. It turned out to be his brothers address and someone cut his propane line to his BBQ: a dangerous and unacceptable action. Here is a quote from the Article found on NBC:

Tea party activists had posted the brother’s address online thinking it was the congressman’s home. The post urged opponents to drop by and “express their thanks” for the Democrat’s vote in favor of the sweeping health care reform…Nigel Coleman, chairman of the Danville Tea Party, said he re-posted the comment that originated on another conservative blog, including the address, Monday on his Facebook page. The posts were taken down after the mistake was discovered. “We’ve never been associated with any violence or any vandalism,” he said. “We’re definitely sorry that we posted the incorrect address” (italics mine).

Wasn’t the original “tea party” to which this group derives its name a violent act? If it is the same one I learned about in history, it was violent. The dictionary calls violent a use of force to hurt or kill someone or something. The tea party was a group of people who took matters into their own hands and put tea owned by someone other than themselves in the harbor, ruining it. It was done to hurt or damage and it was done through force. So maybe the tea party quote above isn’t so accurate and it seems that their actions recently have carried on the earlier tradition.

There were many many things that happened at the hands of the last administration and were things to which I felt a moral opposition and was an opposition that many shared. What was done about that? Marches, protests but not violence. There have been bricks sailing through democratic representatives business offices, threats made that they should die. What poor losers are some of conservative America, who can’t express their opposition without implicitly or explicitly associating that statement with violent words or imagery.  While the lawsuits by states does not fit this extreme response, I personally still feel that they are an over the top response to which I am in complete disagreement.

A doctor friend of mine once said that lack of self-control is evil. I am wondering if he doesn’t have a point. Not that I am calling or defining that all these people are inherently evil, but its not goodness that is driving the actions or words that many adults are choosing in response to this historic law. There are many many Americans for whom this law is a reason to celebrate, a hopeful thing, an appropriate answer to a moral problem that has existed in our country for too long and I am one of those people. Senator McCain said that he is “repulsed by the euphoria” that he sees some have around this law’s passage. Well I am repulsed by the ignorance of actions and words aimed at instigating a riotous response, not a reasoned one.


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