Heath care Reform isn’t perfect

Today in my conversations with others over health care reform, I keep hearing the comment that this bill or universal care equals “perfection”.  There is no perfect government, no perfect political perspective and no perfect system of health care.  Some of the examples of universal care in other countries are much more efficient and, I would say, better than the system we have in the U.S.

For me the issue is believing that we are responsible to each other.  I believe that I should do all that I can do and support all that I can support to help out others, even if that were to cost me.  I also don’t believe that “business” or has any ability to help the least of those among us, because it is all about profit and not about people.  At least that is what capitalism looks like in the US.

I think that while this legislation will not be perfect, and it will have much that will need to be adjusted, corrected or removed as we experience the reality of such a program, it is still far better than continuing with over 30 million people unable to afford health insurance or unable to access it because they are  too sick and therefore too big of a loss for the insurance company’s profit margin.  In fact, if I were to label something as “immoral”  it would be big business and big insurance companies.  Profit never works for the poor, only the rich.  I for one think that insurance should be mandated as “not for profit” so that they only job is to pay health care bills.  Then there would be no conflict of interest.  I think we could go a lot further and have a public option!


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