Francis: the Journey and The Dream

While I haven’t yet finished the book (but it won’t take long) but I wanted to take a moment to write a recommendation.  I have, for more than a decade and a half, had a deep and compelling appreciation and fascination with Francis of Assisi.  I wear a San Damiano cross and have a strong desire to visit the chapel at San Damiano before I go to be with the Lord.  I have read several accounts of the saint’s life.  He is quite frankly my favorite saint and an example to me.

I have recently dug a book out of all the book boxes in my garage.  The Title is Francis: The Journey And The Dream by Fr. Murray Bodo. I have not previously heard of Fr. Bodo but I will be looking to read any other works of which he is the author.

while the stories of Francis, his conversion and ministry, are not hard to find, Fr. Bodo tells the story in a way that none of the others I have read do. He brings life, feeling and encounter to what is usually a strict telling of the data. Bodo is a professor of composition and creative writing. That comes through in the very realistic telling of Francis’ struggle up to conversion and the joy that came from choosing Christ in deeper and deeper ways. I am moved when I read these accounts, they are encounters with this saintly founder of the brothers minor.

If you want a great devotional read, and inspiring read…I highly recommend this very inexpensive volume to you. You won’t be disappointed.

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