Govenor Otter’s speech

Once again I find that I am unimpressed by our govenor (lower case on purpose).  Of all the things he chose to cut education!  Education is our future and should be one of the last things we cut!  Maybe we should take some other measures…let’s begin with turning the lights off at the capital, let’s see the govenor, senate and assembly take a pay cut, lets put all but the most urgent  plans on hold for a bit.  Let’s get creative so that our children continue to get the quality education they will need to make it in this world.  We put up signs encouraging our youth to keep going, get a high school diploma and go to college, then we turn around and cut the very educational process that we are encouraging them to pursue.  Isn’t that somewhat of a mixed message?  This is not the kind of leadership that our state needs in these challenging times.  I certainly hope that this govenor finds himself out of a job when elections come around again!

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