Father who shoots son

I just read an article on the web about a father in Michigan, who, after finding out that his son had had sexual contact with a three year old, came home with a gun, ordered his son to strip, walked him out into a vacant lot and shot him to death despite his son’s and wife’s pleas to not pull the trigger. As a father, I am trying to understand what might motivate such violence, but I cannot imagine taking my son’s life for any reason.

I am truly stunned by what I just read. It sickens me. I am looking at the picture of my son, realizing that he could and may well choose to do some things that are repulsive to me and, even, to society. But, no matter what those things are, I cannot imagine that I would do anything but fight for my son’s life. I cannot imagine choosing, as judge and jury, to end it. Amidst cries for mercy from your child and your spouse, how do you still pull the trigger?

I pray that God, our Father, might have mercy on this man’s soul. I say that because I can’t imagine that anyone else could.  I sure can’t.


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