The exhaustion that pain brings

Now, I don’t want to imply in any way that my pain is even close to the pain many many others live with everyday, it’s not. See, I broke my toe last night. Walking by the couch, I accidentally kicked the solid corner of my couch in full stride. The pain was only preceded by the “SNAP” that I heard, as did my wife on the other side of the room. I and she instantly knew, I’d broken something in my left foot. So I attempted walking it off, but found that the pain was only growing. I stopped and examined my foot to see the toe next to the “pinky” was swelling and was no longer pointing straight forward but was a little crooked. It was 10:30 at night so unless I wanted to hit the emergency room, it was going to have to wait until today. So, this morning I contacted my general practitioner’s office and got an appointment. After three x-rays, which progressed from slightly uncomfortable to quite painful, my Doc came in and said, “you broke it.” He showed me the xrays and suggested that I had done a good job at my injury. The spiraled break in my toe, while painful, was really just a toe break and the treatment: tape it to the other toe and wear stiff souled boots.

That background sets the circumstance I found myself today. So I attempted to keep off my foot as much as life would allow; in other words, I found myself on my foot a bit more than was probably best. All in all, I didn’t do much more than a normal day but now, at the end of my day, I find that I am inordinately tired and feeling just a little bit under the weather. The only thing that I can figure is that pain exhausts. If my little pain is enough to exhaust me, I can’t imagine how people who live with chronic pain that is much more intense than mine keep up their energy. Pain is exhausting.

Thanks for letting me whine a little bit.

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