Some words from Michael Moore

I know that many don’t like Mr. Moore, but I do.  I appreciate the things he exposes and I tend to agree with his perspectives on most things.  Below is a link to an article he wrote to religious folk on their way to Church.  Now some will say he is just promoting his film so that he can be one of the richest 1% he is speaking about.  Maybe so.  But the questions he asks should be asked by us.

On Capitalism

One thought on “Some words from Michael Moore

  1. Hey, Kelly, sorry for the shameless plug, but I weighed in on these topics at some length a few years ago.

    Where did Jesus ever say “Let the government look after the poor. All you have to be is an activist”. When the prophets cried out to the oppressed, were they calling for higher taxes and more generous social programs? Did they protest “windfall profits”. No. Never. They called for honest weights and measures, and to stop brutalizing them and taking whatever meager possessions they had. Such a society hardly describes America as a whole. Look to the killing fields of the Third World for true oppression of the poor. Most of America’s “poor” don’t even qualify as poor by any Biblical standard. I lived below the “poverty line” during the years you knew me in real life. I never was hungry, or in want of any real need.

    Besides, Moore believes that our religious beliefs should be private and personal. So if Jesus was a socialist, how dare we impose our beliefs on others?

    Jesus hated hypocrisy. Moore is also already in the top 1% and lives as large as anyone in that category.

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