Below is a poem I wrote a number of years ago.  It is pertinent and posted today because I have been looking at the same documents that spurred its being written.  The color blue is equivalent to my current mood and emotions.

Empty Spaces

Who would have thought, it’s not readily apparent

From this side.

It is just a space on a document, and a small one at that.

They are created and missed all the time:

Different types from different contexts,

Written on different colours of paper.

Most of the time, they don’t mean anything in particular:

Some are for style, some are mistakes, some on purpose.

For the most part they are but they are missed.

However, from the other side: on the side of being,

They are an expanse, an empty void that fills a world.

They span lifetimes, and where it is rightly said that

They are empty and therefore say nothing;

They are not without meaning…

Rather, they are full of meaning—absent meaning.

They have a meaning never conjugated or communicated,

Never enabled to have given shape or form.

Nonetheless, they have much meaning,

they walk and communicate,

they have taken shape and have been formed.

They exist by absence in the empty void of that space,

As they live and breath and wonder.

They are adopted, they are, but they are missing.

By M. Kelley Mata III, also known as john Phillip Paul

May 2, 2002

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