Movie Review: The Soloist

This is one of the best movies that I have watched in a long time.  This movie reminds us that all those people that so many of us avoid because their act weird, they smell or whatever the reason is, that these people are human beings with a history, with people who love them.  Additionally, I found myself despising our country’s emphasis on capitalism because that  view finds people valuable only by what they can contribute.  This movie flies in the face of that view. A more socialist minded governing that would disperse benefit and wealth more broadly would be an improvement in my perspective.

This movie also reminds us that we can’t be the savior of humanity, of people whose choices and/or pathology place them in precarious circumstances.  Before we can help someone, we first need to value the person as they are, where they are.  As the movie proclaimed, what people need (people with homes or the homeless) is friends and relationships where they are valued.  That may not change those problem areas that one thinks they see, but it will change the heart of both.

This movie is a must see.


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