“A Reel Barber Shop”

This afternoon I was commissioned to get my son a haircut.  He was beginning to look pretty shaggy and first grade starts next week.  So after  being a good son-in-law and working on mom’s house I asked if she knew of any barbershops around?  She pointed me to Fred’s real barbershop on Meridian in Meridian Idaho.

Now I should also mention that I have had the hardest time getting a good ol’e boys haircut for my son.  I have tried several supposed barbershops and even some style salons.  It seems, I thought, that no one in Boise knows how to cut a boys hair.  The best previous haircut we had obtained for our son came from a southern California barbershop on vacation.  They were used to cutting hair for Marines.  That haircut looked good on my son but, as I said, we couldn’t get find the same here.  That is, until today.

Fred’s barbershop in Meridian did a fantastic job cutting my son’s hair.  To boot, they were funny and just regular old guys.  I highly recommend this establishment to any gent who wants a good hair cut and some good old male conversation.  The place is decorated in a fashion that any fisherman would appreciate and you are almost guaranteed to have a few good laughs while you are there.

It was a hoot!  I highly recommend it!

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