Movie Review: Defiance

Last night I watched the movie, defiance.  While it is a long movie, it keeps your attention and tells an amazing and brilliant story.  All the time while you are watching them movie, which enacts the true story of three brothers (Bielski Brothers) who fled to the Belarussian forest during the Second World War, when the Germans were rounding up and kill Jews, putting them in Ghettos and sending them to death camps.

These brothers, though having suffered great personal loss themselves, led and provided shelter for hundreds of Jews who, likewise, fled into the forest to avoid capture.  They kept on the move, setting up villiages and even schools.  They shared everything and survived the war defying the German attempts to collect them.  This movie is gripping and intense, but also very very meaningful and human.  Amazingly, in the most horrific circumstances, these men and women kept their humanity and did not become like animal, while the rest of the world did.

In the story the brothers go their separate ways, one to fight with the Red Army, the other two remained and led the Jewish encampment.  In the end they find themselves working together again.

One of the most meaningful times occurred when an old Rabbi was leading them through prayer.  It wasn’t that they were praying but what he prayed that was interesting.  He prayed for God to choose another people, and that he bless them by removing their holiness.

This movie has many layers, a great plot and provides yet another reminder to be vigilant that nothing horrible and depraved like the holocaust ever happens among us again.

This movie is worth the time you will spend watching it.

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