“A Reel Barber Shop”

This afternoon I was commissioned to get my son a haircut.  He was beginning to look pretty shaggy and first grade starts next week.  So after  being a good son-in-law and working on mom’s house I asked if she knew of any barbershops around?  She pointed me to Fred’s real barbershop on Meridian in Meridian Idaho.

Now I should also mention that I have had the hardest time getting a good ol’e boys haircut for my son.  I have tried several supposed barbershops and even some style salons.  It seems, I thought, that no one in Boise knows how to cut a boys hair.  The best previous haircut we had obtained for our son came from a southern California barbershop on vacation.  They were used to cutting hair for Marines.  That haircut looked good on my son but, as I said, we couldn’t get find the same here.  That is, until today.

Fred’s barbershop in Meridian did a fantastic job cutting my son’s hair.  To boot, they were funny and just regular old guys.  I highly recommend this establishment to any gent who wants a good hair cut and some good old male conversation.  The place is decorated in a fashion that any fisherman would appreciate and you are almost guaranteed to have a few good laughs while you are there.

It was a hoot!  I highly recommend it!


Political spin with Healthcare reform

Thanks to my friend Greg, I am aware of an interesting little political tid bit.  Currently, our president is trying to reform healthcare  and make it accessible to everyone.  Unfortunately the rhetoric and spin being launched on the American people has clouded the view of what is attempting to be done.

The first hypocritical spin about changing the way hippocratic oath is administered (I love playing with words) has to do with “end of life counseling.”  By camping on this phrase, spinning it 180 degrees the republican spin machine has successfully solicited from a portion of the American population a gut response (gut because brain hasn’t entered in there yet) of “We have to protect granny from euthanasia.”  No one would have thought this on their own, it has been the intentional tactic of the republicans to, once again, scare the American people into a frenzy against something that would actually benefit them i.e. reforming our healthcare system.

Now the funny thing that my friend turned me on to is that the exact and very same language (i.e. End of life counseling), interestingly enough, is found in a 2003 Medicare reform bill sponsored, passed by a republican congress and signed by a republican president.  Check it out for yourself from the library of Congress:  http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/cpquery/?&dbname=cp108&sid=cp108d60yh&refer=&r_n=hr391.108&item=&sel=TOC_2103579& .

Now here is the link to the 2009 bill being proposed.


You will notice that the only difference is that insurance would allow and cover people not yet terminally ill to discuss end of life issues with their doctor before becoming ill, so as to give them opportunity to understand options should their condition deteriorate.  Nothing is said about giving granny the push over the edge.

The other big scare tactic is that “government is attempting a take-over of health care.”  The only way to avoid this, says the spinners, is to remove a public option from the proposal and keep Government out of the doctor’s office.  The funny thing is that our government is already “in the doctor’s office.”  There is government regulation and laws that apply to medications, appropriate practices and, yes, end of life issues.  If you don’t think so, you are not paying attention.

So rather than having a public option that provides competition to private options, the spinners say “keep it private and keep your world class healthcare.”  The irony is that we all have been experiencing for some time in our private health insurance plans the very same thing that is fearfully spun in this debate.  I don’t know about you but my coverage diminishes little by little each year, but somehow we continue to pay more for it.  And when you think about it, that shouldn’t surprise us, health care companies are in it to make a profit…and how do they make a profit, they do it by reducing what they have to cover and by charging more for what they do cover.

So for me, I would rather pay into a “public option” than line the greedy pockets of some insurance executive.  I know…how liberal of me.  There was a time (before it, too, was spun) that liberal was a good word and a good thing to be.  I still think it is.

Movie Review: Defiance

Last night I watched the movie, defiance.  While it is a long movie, it keeps your attention and tells an amazing and brilliant story.  All the time while you are watching them movie, which enacts the true story of three brothers (Bielski Brothers) who fled to the Belarussian forest during the Second World War, when the Germans were rounding up and kill Jews, putting them in Ghettos and sending them to death camps.

These brothers, though having suffered great personal loss themselves, led and provided shelter for hundreds of Jews who, likewise, fled into the forest to avoid capture.  They kept on the move, setting up villiages and even schools.  They shared everything and survived the war defying the German attempts to collect them.  This movie is gripping and intense, but also very very meaningful and human.  Amazingly, in the most horrific circumstances, these men and women kept their humanity and did not become like animal, while the rest of the world did.

In the story the brothers go their separate ways, one to fight with the Red Army, the other two remained and led the Jewish encampment.  In the end they find themselves working together again.

One of the most meaningful times occurred when an old Rabbi was leading them through prayer.  It wasn’t that they were praying but what he prayed that was interesting.  He prayed for God to choose another people, and that he bless them by removing their holiness.

This movie has many layers, a great plot and provides yet another reminder to be vigilant that nothing horrible and depraved like the holocaust ever happens among us again.

This movie is worth the time you will spend watching it.

What’s your favorite John Wayne Quote?

I have two that are my favorites, there are many more but for now I’ll choose two. They both come from the movie the “shootist.”

1. “Friend, there’s no one up there shooting back at you. It isn’t always being fast, or even accurate that counts, its being willing.”

2. I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people and I require the same from them.

What is your favorite quote? Leave a comment and share it with me.