The Secret of the Cave

Being the father of two small children affords me the opportunity to see many children and family movies, some are mindless, some are just fun and entertaining, but then there are the rare few that are entertaining, meaningful and instructive.  The Secret of the Cave is one such movie.  It is about a boy who, experiencing some intense family brokenness and pain, is dragged along on a trip to his fathers home town in Ireland begrudgingly.  Yet there he encounters a fantastic mystery that is going on in the town that many think is the work of a kindly old man whom had just passed away; the work of a ghost.  The boy doesn’t buy it and begins to investigate, what he discovers is a lesson that we all lose track of and forget too much of the time…one in which I was encouraged to be reminded.  This movie isn’t fast paced, flashy or anything else, but it is very very good, and a great one for families to watch together.

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