Sharing a great quote I found

Source:  Title is “Catholicism” by Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien page 495

“Since the free gift of Gods grace, i.e., God’s self communication, was incorporated into the world from the beginning, the history of the world is really also the history of salvation.  A the point (or points) where we realize that the direction of history is toward the kingdom of God, we can speak of the experience of revelation.  But whether  we realize it or not, i.e., whether we are formally and explicitly religious, even Christian or not, does not change what is in fact going on.  God is always present to the world and to persons within the world as the principle of self-transcendence.  We have the capacity to move beyond ourselves, to become something higher and better than we are, because the “Absolute Beyond” is already in our midst summoning us forward toward the plentitude of the kingdom.”

I like the above quote because it makes sense of more than just a particular theological tradition or perspective.  It reminds us that this is God’s world, humans of every sort are his and he is still at work even in our (supposed) none spiritual human growth.


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