Our Journey

Humanity gazing upward,
Where do I belong?
Grasping at the mystery
Of where I come from.

Our history is our movement
To something greater and larger than ourselves.
Yet does this “greater”
Have a grounding in the living that we live?

Matter and Spirit, are they separate?
Or is there a unity beyond what we can see.

“The Word became flesh” is our mysterious ground.
Whether we claim it, or in ignorance live…
it is our horizon, to which me move.

We limit that movement by thinking that we know
Yet still to that upward calling we go.
In hope we seek to understand ourselves
And in the face of the Other we see,
That this living cannot just be about you and me.

Knowing is limited,
Living, open and free.
Pray that in my living I might see
The grace of God at work in me.

By Kelley Mata ©
July 11, 2009
Reading Rahner and Marion

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