Francis Collins appointed as Chief Scientist

Dr. Francis Collins was appointed by President Obama to head up the national institute for health yesterday.  This man is a good and faithful man whose work in science has helped us understand our own design better.  He is not afraid of truth, whether it be spiritual or science.  His book “The Language Of God”  Is a very helpful book for thinking Christians who are tired of the science –  faith wars.  Maybe this very Christian and very scientifically savvy man will help us to leave the narrowness that has been inherent to both sides of the discussion behind us.  To me this just shows, once again, the wisdom and foresight of our new president and makes me even more certain and pleased with the job he is doing.

I know that there are many in the Christian camps who aren’t pleased with this appointment but those people are also not asking fundamental questions regarding science and origins because they believe that they already have the “correct” answer regarding science, faith and our origins.  However, such are a diminishing crowd and many younger Christians are not content with some of the traditional answers offered by their own faith, or rather the answers offered by the dominant and recent conservative groups within American Christianity.  For them this will be a move that brings much hope for an open and thinking Christian faith.  I, for one, am excited!

If we are not willing to question our own faith and belief systems, we then are truly stuck and are closed to much that might make sense of our very old faith in a very different modern world.  Bravo President Obama!

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