Review: Yes Man

My wife and I just watched the movie “Yess Man” tonight.  And I have to say that I really liked it.  It is an existential test case of sorts.  Do we find meaning through existence…in this story its life that happens through adventure, exploration, risk with totally new experiences and people.  I found it fun and I found myself remembering days in my past where I might have operated in a similar fashion, mind you much more recklessly and in unhealthy ways, but nonetheless lived.  

In this movie Carey’s character who is closed off to the world, people and himself finds life and others and a bunch of fun through saying yes to everything.  He even finds love.  While saying yes to everything is probably a little over the top, I think finding ways to extend past our comfort zones, embrace life, others. new thoughts and experiences is probably a healthy activity to work into our living.  Ultimately there is meaning in existence, pain too (even thought that is minimal in this movie), but in all those things there is life, breath, color and, yes, meaning to be had.

I would recommend this movie…it is a kick.

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