Just when I hope we would finally begin to heal a little as a nation from our racist history by electing an African-American man president (by a pretty large margin) comes another cowardly and senseless act violence from someone whose whole world view is dimmed by its narcissism.  

Racism in particular is ugly and shortsited in every form of it I have ever seen.  It stems from a small intellect and generally ignorant people; he is not only sick but weak.  It is a weak man who resorts to violence.  The idiocy of his beliefs and hate prevent his statements from accomplishing what his sick mind wants to see, he then engages his rage and acts out in this sick and weak way.  I have no tolerance for these types of people, none whatsoever!  My hope is that he dies from his wounds and that he is not remembered in any way by anybody!

This holocaust shooting, the murder of the abortion doctor and the killing of the Army Private in the south all point to the same narrowness and sickness; weak, ignorant cowards who choose to do this type of thing.

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