Obama’s Nomination for The Supreme Court

I have been completely befuddled by the response from some of the voices in the GOP regarding President Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court Vacancy.  I think that once again our president has shown that he has the ability to choose well and to have in mind the whole people of the United States.  Judge Sotomayor is not from the extreme left, she represents a growing population of our nation (Hispanic, but also women) and she has substantial experience and ability in her career on the bench.  Obviously, the few comments that are being blown way out of their context, having gained velocity as the GOP tries the spin game again.  Hopefully the American people have come to recognize this tactic and will choose rather to judge the Judge on her merit rather than the few idiotic comments that crawled out from under a rock on the right side of the road.  

Funny, I seem to remember that our former president was ready and intent to place a woman with no judicial experience to a vacancy on his watch.  At least this president is more thoughtful of what is best for the broader population of our nation and not simply trying to ideologically load the deck with buddies.

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