At Home in Washington

As a resident of Idaho, I have come to expect to be in the minority opinion regarding faith and politics.  But for the last few days I have been in Washington, in the Seattle area, and have enjoyed life in the majority.  I have seen more Obama bumper stickers in just a few days than I have seen in Idaho over the last year.  

Another reality is the wonderful greeness that covers the canvas of the pacific northwest.  The same was true of Portland, where I used to live and I must say I have missed it.  The lush green does wonders to brighten one’s attitude and is also very relaxing.  

The only down sides to a life in Washington (Seattle) would be the traffic, the sheer number of people and the cost of living.  While those obviously aren’t preventing millions from living here, I, on the other hand, have been seeking to move away from population since the late 90’s…so while there is much that is appealing about Seattle, it will have to remain one of those places that is nice to visit.

We head back to Boise tomorrow and for all it’s down sides, for now it is still home and it will be nice to be on familiar ground and to be home.

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