Black Elk Speaks

As I continue to read the Book “Black Elk Speaks,” I am marked by a couple of realities.  First how similar were his visions to some of our (Christian) apocalyptic material in our holy writ.  I have also had the opportunity to read other apocalyptic writings: some extra-biblical, some from other faiths.  There seems to be an apparent similarity in many of the ways in which these visions take place and the global perspective they all seem to have.  

Secondly, I resonate with the unity of all things within this world, our connection or relation to the rest of our world.  Black Elk often speaks of the “two-legged” and the “four-legged” and the way in which they are related…relatives.  Recently while out hunting, I was sitting at the southern base of the cuddy mountains near Cambridge, Idaho.  I couldn’t help but have the sense that I was connected to all that I was surveying before me.  I really didn’t want to come down off of the mountain.  I wish that I had a pen and my notebook to sit and journal and be at peace with all that was around me.  

I hope to return there soon!

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