Reviewing: Evan Almighty

We watched evan Almighty tonight.  What a fun movie and what a thought provoking story.  I highly recommend it and tell you that it is very family friendly.  It reminds me that God is still in the business of calling people out to stand in the gap for others and for this world, and that if we are going to stand in that “in between” spot we are going to seem silly even crazy to many people.  I appreciate this movie because it takes things out of the “churchy” and “religious” places that we seek to contain God and it expands it out into broader concerns for environment and combating greed which always seeks to make a profit at the expense of others.  Additionally, I think that Morgan Freeman is a much more convincing God that George Burns ever was.  If you haven’t yet seen this movie…it is worth your time and funny to boot.

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