On: “This I believe” by Judith Warner

If you haven’t yet read her article that appeared in the New York Times, you can follow this link to the Article: This I Believe.

While this might sound strange, I don’t think she is confused. I think that the days when one faith system will meet all our needs are diminishing. Another point to consider is that as we develop, first tolerance, then appreciation (as Janine pointed out in our conversation yesterday) for other faith systems and religions, if we truly come to appreciate what they offer to humanity, I think we may even be tempted to embrace elements of those faith systems and import them into our way of encountering God. I for example have developed an appreciation for Buddhism and Taoism, as well as Native American spirituality. I know that some of the elements from those systems of thinking have influenced me and my spirituality, and they continue to: I have a copy of the Tao Te Chi next to my bed on the nightstand. The Jewish faith is another very natural and familiar faith with great storehouses of insight and very applicable traditions. Seder meals are great! In culture that is transitioning to the openness the postmodern view point, the lines of demarcation can blur. This is part of what I hear Rollins speaking to in the chapters 4 & 5 of his book “How (Not) to speak of God.”  That doesn’t mean that I am not a Christian, that I do not find my identity in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It rather means that I see similarities of contribution from all the worlds religions with what I know of Jesus and that I can appreciate them and benefit from them in my own spirituality.

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