John Wayne Wisdom

This morning my daughter was playing with a little John Wayne ornament of mine, which has four recordings of lines from John Wayne movies. If you don’t know, I am a big John Wayne fan. I was struck by one of the comments that my daughter played this morning. It comes from the movie “The Shootist,” which is one of my top three favorite John Wayne movies. In the movie a young Ron Howard is getting a shooting lesson from Wayne’s Character, J. B. Books. After the shots are fired, the young man comments that he was almost as accurate as Books. Wondering, the young man asks how he was able to kill so many people, implying that he was no better a shot. Books Reply is significant. “Friend there’snobody up there shooting back at you, it isn’t always being fast or even accurate that counts, It’s being willing.”

That can be said about many of life’s ventures…often it isn’t about prowess but that we are willing to attempt, which also necessitates being willing to not come out on top. Being willing doesn’t promise success but with reservation comes hesitation and often that is enough time to lose. Books, Wayne’s Character, goes on to tell the boy that most men will hesitate, but he won’t.

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