A Poignant Article on Faith and Culture

Below is an article that I authored on my church’s blog, consequently part of the below article relates to our worship on Sunday but it also asks a question that all of us that are participants in religious faith should think about.

This last Sunday I asked a question in my sermon.  I asked where the church, as a religious symbol, was pointing?  Was it pointing at God or at ourselves, or something else?  In Sunday’s Idaho Statesman, as well as many other newspapers around the country, there was an Article that was discussing the very topic of my sermon, asking the very same question with different words.  The statesman’s article was entitled “I believe – that religion is driving people away from God.”  That article originally came from a Columnist at the Miami Herald.  Here is a link to the Miami Herald article written by Leonard Pitts entitled “Wake-up Call for Organized Religion.

This article and the corresponding reality to which it points, is something that we ALL need to read, think about and wrestle out how we are going to choose to respond, not to the article but to the truth that our culture is changing and just possibly our church and all for which we stand, just might be on a path to “irrelevancy.”  The question to us is to what are we pointing?  And if we are not speaking relevantly into our culture, what are we saying and what should we be saying?  Christian faith will continue to exist (as it always has in the face of radical change), but it is very possible (and even probable) that the church as we know it today, will not survive the coming century.  Maybe we need to change how we perceive of , proclaim and express our faith in God.

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