Lost a Friend this week

I have been grieving a bit over the death of a my friend. It kind of clouds your whole day, week, perspective. It is a gloomy day in my head even with the sun shining here in Idaho. My Friend was a wonderful woman with whom I had many laughs and meaningful moments. She died young, only 39. When you experience that kind of thing, there is just a sense that “this isn’t right, this is wrong; it is not supposed to happen this way. I will miss her.

Its strange how we make good friends and then life, geography, state lines and other things successfully limit our contact with these really good friends that developed when we shared a chunk of geography and our associations and circle of friends were all commonly experienced. Then you then as you keep growing up you trek off in different directions and really don’t talk very often but you still love those friends, and they are still people you consider friends. Then you lose them and that just sucks. And you wish you had chatted more and you hope they knew of you affection for them, but it still just sucks to lose you friend in the prime of her life. I will miss you Margo.

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