Dark Waters

Light broke through,
Through the dark water in which we swim.
Only now are we made aware of the darkness itself.
Shackled by unknowing,
We know not the way to the light.
Helpless, we feel as though we will surely perish.

Urgency compels movement to better our way.
But it is we who have made our home here.
Can we change ourselves?
free ourselves from this prison which we have created?
How can we throw off the chains of this world,
For we live in it?
Without the light we have no hope,
And are destined to swim these waters.
To plan our own course is futile and meaningless,
For we know not what lies ahead.
We pray for holy illumination,
For light to guide our way.

But as for now, we swim in the water we have created,
Fearful that our situation would remain
That our eyes would be restrained from the light
By our own course laid from with in the darkness.
Fearful that our ears are dull,
To the voice that would call us forth
And that in the end our course would lead us
Into greater darkness
Or worse, into the grey.

We can hope only for the light to rupture in,
Light not from within our darkened minds.
Oh heavenly light, enter in today!
That we may see You, in the way.

By Kelley Mata,
4/06/01 

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