A Historic day, a proud day, an American Day!

I watched the Inaugural events this morning and I was proud of what took place and excited for the coming four years. The sea of humanity out before the capital as President Obama (I really like saying that) delivered a substantive and emotive address to all of America, and to the world. Like before, he has the focus, the perspective and ability to speak what we have all felt or desired to feel about our world and our country.  I have longed for some time to be able to really say that I believe and respect our government and its leadership. For the first time in many years, I am hopeful for what lies ahead, I am impressed and I respect the man who occupies our Oval Office.

One of the most poignant comments made by an on-looker this morning was that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream came true. That is a United States of which I can be proud! From his speech, I took away that we are on a new path, a new world has dawned and what we make of that will depend upon us as much as it depends upon him, although we will be following his lead. President Obama, you have my respect, my admiration and my full support as a citizen of these United States.

I am sorry for Former President Bush because I am not as confident  as is he that history will view him favorably. I was not sad to see him and Cheney depart knowing that they can never again steer this country. I am sure they are not evil men, but they have orchestrated some very sad days in our country and contributed to that sorrow by their leadership.

I have waited for this day and am relieved that it has finally arrived!

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