Dark Waters

Light broke through,
Through the dark water in which we swim.
Only now are we made aware of the darkness itself.
Shackled by unknowing,
We know not the way to the light.
Helpless, we feel as though we will surely perish.

Urgency compels movement to better our way.
But it is we who have made our home here.
Can we change ourselves?
free ourselves from this prison which we have created?
How can we throw off the chains of this world,
For we live in it?
Without the light we have no hope,
And are destined to swim these waters.
To plan our own course is futile and meaningless,
For we know not what lies ahead.
We pray for holy illumination,
For light to guide our way.

But as for now, we swim in the water we have created,
Fearful that our situation would remain
That our eyes would be restrained from the light
By our own course laid from with in the darkness.
Fearful that our ears are dull,
To the voice that would call us forth
And that in the end our course would lead us
Into greater darkness
Or worse, into the grey.

We can hope only for the light to rupture in,
Light not from within our darkened minds.
Oh heavenly light, enter in today!
That we may see You, in the way.

By Kelley Mata,
4/06/01 

Nocturnal Prayer

Resplendent Light
Illumine our horizon
Set a-glow our existence
Make bright our path

Look into our hearts, shining
See into our souls a radiance
Refracted yet true
Resplendent Light

By Kelley Mata – January 22, 2009 ©
Written at 2:00 am, awoke from a dream with the phrase
“Resplendent Light” and couldn’t return to sleep until this poem was penned.

Lost a Friend this week

I have been grieving a bit over the death of a my friend. It kind of clouds your whole day, week, perspective. It is a gloomy day in my head even with the sun shining here in Idaho. My Friend was a wonderful woman with whom I had many laughs and meaningful moments. She died young, only 39. When you experience that kind of thing, there is just a sense that “this isn’t right, this is wrong; it is not supposed to happen this way. I will miss her.

Its strange how we make good friends and then life, geography, state lines and other things successfully limit our contact with these really good friends that developed when we shared a chunk of geography and our associations and circle of friends were all commonly experienced. Then you then as you keep growing up you trek off in different directions and really don’t talk very often but you still love those friends, and they are still people you consider friends. Then you lose them and that just sucks. And you wish you had chatted more and you hope they knew of you affection for them, but it still just sucks to lose you friend in the prime of her life. I will miss you Margo.

Dawning of a New Day

An ocean of humanity, gathered

Excitement surging into view

A wave breaking on the shores of dreams

Hope becoming…a people renewed


A prophet’s dream came true

And before us now stands

Speaking words of solemn vow

With freedom’s Bible under hand


More than a man, or an office

A people’s hopes personified

Our past turning to face redemption

Our dreams and values realized


With hope, again, resident among us

We are called forth to a shared work

To lead and serve our brothers and sisters,

Caring for our nation, the world and this earth


This calling stirs within us

From this work we cannot shy away

For history will remind us,

We were witness to the dawning of a new day.


By Kelley Mata – January 21, 2009 ©

Inauguration of President Obama