Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)

I have, once again, watched the movie “Joyeux Noel.”  I am again encouraged, indeed I find that again I have hope for our human kind.  This movie shows us that differences are not inseparable and that there is a common humanity that we share and in which we may find peace, even in the midst of war.  

The rhetoric that they  were called upon to uphold, to fight over, to kill over, was in the end just words.  These men found that they were the same, different languages, different cultures: all human, all important.  We in our age need to take this to heart.  We are not, Christian or Muslim, Jew or Muslim.  We are not western or eastern, not good or evil (in reality we are all both).  As Americans we  have been called upon to espouse and to believe a doctrine that makes permissible the atrocities of torture, hatred and war.  Our departing government has called us “unpatriotic” if we were unwilling to support these values of “us and them,” of american might = American right: that we are good, they are evil.  However, this movie challenges that paradigm before its current form ever took shape and I, too, choose not to be a patriot but a human.

I encourage you all to watch this movie and consider our current milieu.  There are lessons to be learned and injustice to be stood against.  Today it is different titles, different groups, different cultures, however the reality is the same.  Do we choose country or our common humanity.  I choose humanity,even if it costs me my life.

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