Political direction

I recently had a former schoolmate asked me ” What happened to you and your values, Kelley?  She was asking this because of my support for Barack Obama as our next president.  My response is posted below:


Quite frankly, While I do appreciate my country, my highest allegience is not to country.  And I do not think that the policies of the republican party, conservative america necessarily reflect the right way of thinking, nor do they reflect, I believe, the heart of God’s care for this world.  While they really pump the abortion issue, they miss other equally “moral” issues like caring for the poor, homeless, the hungry: the least of us.  They don’t do that here in our own country and they don’t do it well abroad.  They do well at helping the healthy and the rich but not the poor, destitute and those on the margins of our society.

 My political leanings are derived from the party and the candidates who will care for and benefit the “least of us” the most.  I believe that I have good precedent from the Scriptures for that.

  And in my opinion (doesn’t have to be anyone else’s) that hasn’t been the case over the last 8 years and I don’t think a McCain presidency would do that either.  I do however think that an Obama presidency would move in that direction.

 It is okay to disagree, but why do we have to assume that the people who see things differently are wrong, evil  or out to lunch?  As Colin Powell said recently, “our strength is in our diversity”: diversity of opinion, culture, beliefs etc.

 So Obama  and many many more have a different approach and view of the world than  conservative america, isn’t there room for that or is it just all wrong and bad. 

 IN asking what happened to me you rightly point out that I thought much different at CHC.  That was when I just accepted the opinions and beliefs that were given to me by the faculty and the pastor in that very small sliver of a world view.  When I left and began to think outside of that microcosm, I became aware of how small a sliver that was in Christian theological thinking, not to mention how small a view it was of humanity, culture and the world.  You are correct, I no longer live in the CHC worldview nor do I claim to be an american patriot.  I do try to be a good Christian but that, too, is a work in process.



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