I just watched one of the most honest, disturbing and painful motion pictures that I have ever watched.  The title is “Amen” directed by Costa-Gavras.  In this movie one is able to see how depraved and cowardly humanity can act, juxtaposed with the bravery and sacrifice of one lowly priest who chose to join the persecuted than to turn a blind eye.  In the end one of the most disgusting of human characters is again helped by the same church who failed to condemned the atrocities of the Nazi regime.  While I know that this movie is not far from the truth (if anything I am sure that the atrocities were even worse and the shame of the cowards who allowed it to continue without personal peril, even more perverse.  I highly recommend this movie if for no other reason than to have our stomachs turned to such an extent that we never, ever allow this to occur again without personal peril.

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